In Italy there are 190 penitentiaries, of which 5 are women’s prisons and 52 contains women’s wards. This project was implemented in 18 prisons from 2014 to today. The Italian penitentiary system does not always manage to achieve the goal of “re-education” enshrined in the Constitution, despite an attempt to reform the law in force since 1975. Overcrowding, unemployment among prisoners, precarious structures, the insufficient number of educators, cultural mediators and personnel in uniform are the most relevant problems. At the same time, crucial issues such as study, work, cultural activities and sport are carried out thanks to the will of the prison staff and the fundamental contribution of many volunteers. Prisons are the mirror of a country’s society, from small dramas to major economic and social crises. In these non-places, people deprived of liberty try to rebuild habits, affections and find an alternative for the future.